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#GardenJourney Day 8

45mph winds forecast tonight…..lying in bed listening to the wind whistling and all I can think about is whether the plants or even the fence will still be there tomorrow. It was foul today, we both got wet and chilled to the bone. My attempt at

#GardenJourney Day 7

Look at that sky, cold and rainy again for most of the day! This is the area behind the hoarding where our plants are being stored. It’s not much shelter from the wind or the rain and we spent most of the morning there while Big Fish ploughed forward…on

#GardenJourney Day 6

I am trying to blog throughout  the day rather than at midnight when I am too tired so I am sitting in the atrium where it is baking hot.The pond and rill are completed and BigFish are starting on the paving proper. The Carpinus is in,waiting for a feed. Today

#GardenJourney Day 5

The rain hammered down this morning and it was cold, far too cold for an early summer day, but Big Fish just put up a shelter and carried on working! Brrrr!     Bridget and I had the unenviable task of stripping the webbing back off the setts about

#Garden Journey Day 4

Phew, what a day. Our plants from Hortus Loci are being delivered on Monday and we knew we had to go down for the final selection….had  we booked a slot? No….we had talked to them about it but hadn’t actually arranged a visit. Even