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July 4, 2015 ⋅ 0 Comments

It was a baking hot day on Wednesday but I was armed with frozen bottles of water, sunscreen and a hat… Hampton Court always delivers, so much space to move  around, it doesn’t ever feel as rammed as Chelsea. Only two gold medals for the show garden category at  this year! I am pretty sure that is what Monty said….need to check that…yep, that is right…so a big green thumbs up to Green Seam and MacMillan gardens. The gardens look so much better in ‘real life’….as if a show garden can ever be called ‘real life’……but in this case it can….at least one is  being re located. What a great feeling that must be!

The Green Seam garden was described by the judges as a ‘showstopper with a unique and moving story’. The coal wall glistened in the sun as it cut across the space and the use of the mine shaft lift structure as a feature is genius. The green and pink planting colonises the damaged landscape creating something quite beautiful.



 As an ex Hadlow student I think ‘hurrah ‘…..at last the the college is being planted  squarely in the public consciousness….and about time, it’s a great place to study. 

The MacMillan garden felt cool and sophisticated, designed as a community space to attach to a MacMillan centre…..gorgeous.

image I love the work that Nigel Dunnet is doing and the huge ‘Greening of Grey Britain’  is inspired, we can all heed the message rejuvenate our urban spaces.

image  image

The concept gardens were challenging  and provocative but I agreed with the judges ‘best in category’ choice, groynes  and henges, restrained planting and a purely artistic interpretation…what’s not to like!


All the gardens have something to offer, The Circle of Life (BigFish) afforded different views on planting,

image   image

and the Secret Garden Party offers a plethora of possibilities!


I finally  wilted at about five, the relentless heat got the better of me….that and the serious flannel envy I felt in the cafe as the organised ladies opposite me whipped frozen flannels out of their cool bag meant it was time to go home.