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#GardenJourney Day 16

The three judges, or was it four….anyway, they were inscrutable and did not give anything away! We were going to change into clean clothes, slap on a bit of makeup and attempt to rehearse a presentation of sorts….but we ran out of time and

#GardenJourney Day 15

Hurrah, the planting is done. Roger Platts came round again and liked the airy, transparent feel and the way we have allowed the plants the space to shine Bz I hope the other RHS  judges agree. Putting  the gravel down was tedious but so worth it, it

#GardenJourney Day 14

Thank goodness for my iPhone, it has a torch! We were working in the dark desperately trying to claw back some time, still got loads to do but powered on with the planting which is looking hot! Forgot to take some progress pics today but will make sure

#GardenJourney Day 13

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#GardenJourney Day 12

Left at 9, dead on our feet, finally the planting has started, slowly, but started….one square meter complete, eleven to go. , Amanda watered , tweaked and primped and shouted at the Echinaceas   to get going, they have been here for nine days