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#GardenJourney Day 18/19

June 13, 2015 ⋅ 0 Comments

Spent the last two days talking to the public, lots of positive comments including  ‘you should have got best in show!’ I think it was a close call but Lucinda’s design was way more complex and she is the the deserving winner…..but I feel we are  all winners here…getting the chance to talk to people about our designs! It feels so strange, being interviewed as if we were celebrity gardeners, people hovering to talk to you are busy explaining something to someone else (no one has asked for my autograph yet!). 



We have had lots of family and friends to visit including Sue, Ann and Amanda who are very very skilled plant people volunteering to man the garden  while we managed to sneak off  for the odd glass of champagne.  Last night  a  small group of designers drifted away from the  main exhibitors party and set up a rival gathering on our garden…..good times