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#GardenJourney Final Day ‘from show garden to no garden’

June 18, 2015 ⋅ 0 Comments

At last an opportunity to plaguerise one of my favourite headlines (it was the nineties…you had to be there). It’s all over now, bar the shouting. No oligarchs liked the garden so much they wanted to buy it, so not a paper garden but not a permanent one either.

image   image

We had two journeys to Birmingham to squeeze  the remaining plants (and bees) into the car, we will be selling them over the next few weekends to try and recoup some expenses.


Thank goodness we secured extra money through crowd funding, we would seriously in trouble otherwise!

What a journey it has been and exhausting as it was and pleased as I am to be back in  ‘the real world’  I feel quite bereft now that it is over… that 6m2 patch consumed us completely  and certainly I can’t imagine my life without Liz, Jenny, Tim and all the other ‘metamorphees’ in it. And I can’t imagine not seeing Bridget every day. We were so in the zone and so in tune. We complemented each others skills so beautifully, Bridget, it has  been an absolute pleasure!

My stand out moments? There are so many.

Introducing myself to Apple (driving the digger) and his comment that my name was strange.


Amanda buying us a real ‘coffee cosy’ to keep the coffee warm in the bitterly cold wind.

image   image

Ned rescuing us from a digging disaster.


Planting by torchlight using the iPhone.

My knee pad  tweet almost going viral (when I say viral I mean more than five retweets).


The best curry ever at Al Frash in the Ladypool Road.

The actual gold medal moment.


Driving in on the first public day when I shrieked that we were VIPs and should follow the VIP signs only to be told at the gate that we definitely weren’t.

Our motivating phrase every time something went right… ‘GET IN’.

The party on the Slow Burn Garden.


Our volunteers (Amanda, Sue and Ann) stepping up when we were completely exhausted.


Bridget re-arranging my hat hair to cover my sunburnt ears.

The thrill of the crowds.


Me trying to assert myself as project manager and being put firmly in place:

Me: ‘Jan, when will the paving be finished?’

Jan: (in his low Bulgarian drawl and with a wicked smile) ‘Don’t push me!’

BigFish insisting on  filling the gabions which we naively thought we would do…it took three of them one and a half days.

…loved being part of the horticultural  community and loved the journey, every single minute, and I don’t often say that about journeys…

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